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Bestway Mechanical is a Colorado Springs based contractor specializing in radiant cooling & heating solutions for the Pikes Peak Region including Pueblo, Salida and Canon City. Call for a free quote 719-599-0830.

How does Radiant Heat Work?

Radiant heat gently and evenly warms the surfaces of objects in a room, such as the floor (also known as underfloor heating).

Radiant heat remains in the lower part of the room creating the perfect climate for comfort. The water for a radiant system can be warmed with boilers, geothermal heat pumps, solar collection systems or water heaters.

Radiant Heating Installed in Floor

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

  • Efficiency — In most cases, it requires 20-40% less energy to operate compared to forced hot air systems and can potentially save you up to 30% in heating expenses per year.
  • Clean, Green & Healthy — Unlike forced hot air, radiant heat does not circulate dust, pollens or other airborne allergens in the air.
  • Enhances Control — It’s easy to zone a radiant heating system using multiple thermostats. This allows you to adjust temperatures in a single room or a group of rooms, based on activity and usage levels.
  • Flexible — Radiant heating can be used in floors, walls and ceilings and can be installed in a single room or throughout your home or building. There are no heaters, radiators or additional vents, so you’ll have more design freedom.
  • Increased Property Value — No duct work, pipe or fan noise. No concerns about where to decorate due to vents, etc. Compatible with hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, tile and natural stone floor coverings.
  • Low Maintenance — No belts or fans to replace, no ducts to clean, no filters to change.
  • Heating & Cooling — The system is used for cooling as well, even in the most extreme temperature, because it is designed to hold a constant temperature, whether it is hot or cold outdoors.

Bestway Mechanical for Radiant Heat Installation

For stable, comfortable temperature all-year long, install radiant cooling and radiant heating in your home or business. Bestway Mechanical serves Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Salida, Canon City and the surrounding Pikes Peak Region.

Bestway Mechanical can help integrate your radiant floor heating system with other renewable energy systems in your new construction home or we can retrofit your exisitng property.

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