SunPower Solar Premier Dealer & Installer

We use SunPower solar panels beacuse of their advanced design, durability, efficiency & 25-year warranty

Benefits of SunPower Solar Panels

Their unique and powerful solar cell technology is rated the highest in solar panel efficiency, outperforming other conventional panels. They are corrosion and break resistant, which means less maintenance, less replacements and less cost for business and home owners.

These amazing little cells not only convert light into green, eco-friendly electricity, but they look great doing it.

sunpower solar panels installed on house

How Much do SunPower Solar Panels Cost?

Pricing — Pricing for solar installs varies from project to project. To get the best price estimate, call Bestway, your local solar panel install company to schedule a free on-site evaluation and estimate.

Financing — Bestway Mechanical may also be able to offer you financing for your SunPower system. Whether in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Salida, Canon City or the surrounding Pikes Peak Region, financed payments are often offset by the savings on your electricity bill.

Tax Incentives — Incentives available for alternative energy in Colorado are some of the best in the country. The 30% Federal Tax Credit is in addition to any incentives your utility may be offering. We will provide you with all rebate paperwork and assist you with the process of claiming all of the incentives you are eligible for.
*These rebates must be reserved prior to installation.

Maintenance Costs — Little to no maintenance costs means no unexpected fees down the road. SunPower’s superior production guarantees SunPower Panels with a 25 year, no hassle, “bumper to bumper” SunPower warranty.

Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

Best Warranty — 25-year bumper to bumper warranty covering product and power output

Proven Success — Largest residential and commercial install base in the United States with over 7 million panels installed worldwide

Better Performance — SunPower panels outperform conventional panels early in the morning and late in the afternoon. They also perform better at high temperature and when first exposed to light.

Low Maintenance — Superior design has eliminated common issues that conventional solar panels face.

Financing Available! Contact us for availability and information on specific rebates as well.