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Our goal is to provide such an excellent experience that customers recommend us by name to friends and family.

What our customers say...

“We just turned on our system today and we are THRILLED! Everyone at Bestway Mechanical is very professional and knows there solar!!!!”

-Skdjam M. — Colorado Springs

“Bestway Mechanical installed my solar panels 2 years ago and I have been a happy customer ever since. Brian and Christa have answered all my questions before, during and after the installation, they provide accurate information in a timely professional manner. I am pleased to have “gone solar” and the decision to use Bestsway Mechanical.”

-Maggie F. — Colorado Springs

“We first had Bestway do a solar water heater and convert our forced air heating to solar. That experience went very well. Going into retirement, we wanted to stabilize our future expenses. We were slightly skeptical of solar electric at first. [Bestway] said that we still had enough space on our roof for PV and that [they] could accomplish all of our electric usage with it. [They were] more than right… We have had our system for six months now and our solar panels are even producing a little more than expected. We’ll be able to run the air conditioning more this summer! We highly recommend Bestway Mechanical and SunPower solar!!!”

-James and Shirley F. — Colorado Springs

“[Bestway] came in and offered many possible solutions to efficiently heat my home. I decided on a cheaper solution that kept the use of my forced air system but used hot water to heat the air. Now my existing solar thermal system can aid in the heating of the home. [Bestway’s] unique ideas and willingness to work with me created a perfect solution. I would very highly recommend [Bestway] to anyone looking for a ‘better solution’ to home heating.”

– Tim B. — Colorado Springs

“My neighbor installed PV solar panels and was impressed with the savings on his electric bill. He was also very pleased with the efficient installation by Bestway Mechanical, so I called them as well. Bestway Mechanical installed a 9.6 kw Sunpower system on my roof. They were very easy to work with and I was happy to see my electric bill go from $101 a month to $33. I chose the Sunpower panels because they offer a 25 year ‘bumper to bumper warranty.’ Bestway’s installation was quick and efficient. They also handled the rebate and tax credit paperwork for me. I would highly recommend this company and the Sunpower system.”

– Dian C. R. — Colorado Springs

“Bestway [Mechanical] was great! [They] provided me with multiple different options and when I finally decided, we had to get the system installed and inspected in short order to get the maximum rebate. [Bestway] went the extra mile and worked deep into the night in freezing weather in order to hit the date. [Bestway] 100% knows [their] stuff and I couldn’t be happier with both the PV system and the service I received. [Bestway] and SunPower were both awesome as well when our home was struck by lightning. The inverter was covered by warranty and [Bestway] was very prompt and helpful.”

– T.B. — Colorado Springs

“I had Bestway install a SunPower solar PV system and a solar thermal system for me 4 years ago. I have been extremely pleased with my systems and the service of Bestway. When Bestway explained the superior performance of SunPower PV panels to me, there was no other product consideration for me. Consistently seeing my electric bill less than $ 12.00 a month (and that’s just for the utility connection fee) is wonderful. Last summer a severe hail storm damaged my roof but not my SunPower panels. Bestway removed them and then reinstalled them in record time after my new roof was in place. Great job, Bestway! Investing in solar is a no-brainer, not only for aging baby-boomers like me, but for anyone looking to reduce their living expenses. If your financial planner doesn’t suggest a solar system as one of the best investments you can ever make, they have not done their homework! I will continue to recommended SunPower and the great service of Bestway to as many people as I possibly can!”

B.B. — Colorado Springs


Our goal is to provide such an outstanding experience that you recommend us by name to all your friends and family.


Bestway Mechanical continually strives for professionalism, true craftsmanship, quality and value in every system we install.